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Hello race fans!

Welcome to the Pleasantville Speedway Limited Sportsman Racers website. The site was inspired by Tom Flanagan's Atlantic City Speedway website.

Ed Brown came up with the original idea to do this website. Although Ed is no longer with the website, it's important to note that  he originally came up with the idea. Ed has stepped away from the site to spend more time with his family and to pursue other interests. Bob Criscuolo designed and maintained the original website.

 Ray Miles does the research, interviews, articles and slide shows, While Claude Nelson, Tom Flanagan, Charlie Lindmar, Bill force, Sal Moschella and Tom McAndrews provide photos, statistics and information for the site. The purpose of the site is to pay tribute to those who competed at Pleasantville Speedway and to preserve the old coupe and sedan racing from the 1950's to the 1970's at Pleasantville.

Recently, Ken Walker has come on board to volunteer his services to our site; he is currently our Graphics Design Editor and is responsible for our newly designed front page picture. He also put in the new Forum, Guest-book and our new weekly feature, the Pleasantville Speedway News. In addition, he provides us with the Pleasantville Website Garage and will now be taking over the day to day construction and maintenance of the website as Bob Criscuolo has become more involved with other ventures and is unable currently to keep us up to date.

It was a great era to be involved in the sport of stock car racing and this site will
bring you closer to the people who were a part of Pleasantville Speedway.
Our goal is to recognize as many drivers, owners, crewmen, photographers and
people that were a part of "P'ville," as it was affectionately known as, back in the

We want to include everyone that we can. Some competitors only have a few pictures with little or no background information on them. Possibly we can get some information and photos from you people out there.

We do have some pictures, stories and video on hand but we'd like to get more. If you think you have stories, videos or pictures you want to donate to our site, or you have some suggestions, get in touch with us in the "Contact Us" section either by phone or by email.

So grab your favorite beverage and a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Owner: There will always be a legal domain name owner of a website, but the real owners of this site are the countless numbers of people who were associated in some way with Pleasantville Speedway. This site is a tribute to all the drivers, owners, crew members, track officials, photographers and fans who supported our track for 30 years.

Editors...............Ray Miles and Tom Flanagan

Ken Walker.... Website Design and Maintenance, Graphics Design Editor

Website Statisticians.......  Ray Bartling, Tom Flanagan, Bill Force, Tom McAndrews, Sal Moschella and Claude Nelson. 

Photos by Ken Sooy Sr.

Web design and media editing by.......Ken Walker and Ray Miles 


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