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        By now, many of you have seen the new look of our website, thanks to Kenny Walker who has literally gone above and beyond. Thanks a heap, buddy!  We had some major technical issues concerning Domain name change and moving the site from one server to another, which Ken helped to resolve over the past month. The best thing was, we were only down for a few days, so thanks to all of you who hung in there for your patience and understanding.

Ken has also redesigned many of the pages, check out our new movie theatre page. We have a lot more coming, such as a model page for those of you who appreciate the craftsmanship of the model car hobbyist. Some new movies are on the way, new and updated slide shows and articles too and we're not done yet!

This week you'll read about Cathie Helget's own experiences in racing along with her husband, Jack Helget Jr. and at the end of Cathie's story. You'll also see a few of Phil Long's vintage modified models.













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