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        A couple of months ago, in the middle of the night, we had a sudden and unexpected storm go through the area and when it left we no longer had any hard drives or back up drives left in the computer room. Even the emergency backup drives which we usually disconnect and put in the safe were gone. We had neglected to secure them for the night. We lost all of the LSR data and all the special programs we use to create the entire website.
We here at LSRacers wish to thank you for patiently waiting while we continue to recover the files and 
and software necessary for us to produce the site. It will be a while before we are in full operation mode
but in the meantime we have all been working overtime to update and continue with the site. 
We have many improvements and updates planned and will get it all up and going as quickly as we can. 
       This week we have two new news articles. One is on Tony Dell and the other covers Freddy Fehr. Thanks to Bill Skinner for the stats on Freddy.

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