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  Update 6/01/2013

      We had to add this story made known to us this morning, it just speaks as to how fortunate we are not to have gone through this storm. We have seen the media all this past week showing the damage to that town, this is just one more issue they had to face.  We wish them well and a speedy recovery.



         This week we came across something we found interesting, no it's not stock cars, Indy cars, or Formula 1. Though the racing this weekend was the best I've seen in a long time. this is about a collection of old, antique motorcycles and cars, namely the collection of Lee Hartung. I think most of us at one time or another have owned a motorcycle of some kind, so if you're a gear head, motor head or just someone who appreciates great craftsmanship of long ago, you will most likely enjoy this. Our resident graphics design editor, Ken Walker, likes it, I imagine because he raced motorcycles back in his early days. Click on the link below and enjoy the whole thing as we did.


On another topic, Ed Brown, who has owned the #14 Dick Barney car that Tony Siscone drove, has sold the car to a fellow in Tampa, Florida. At present, the car carries the #21x number & is blue in color, we wonder if he will turn it back into the red #14...time will tell.


Below you will find another collection of cars which once raced at Pleasantville Speedway. 


























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