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Breaking News: 7/27/12 Be sure to check the "If P'ville had only run modifieds" page in the Speedway Garage section. We've just added Tiny Milano's, Gary Shelley's and Bobby Keller's cars to the collection.

This week we feature Wayne Weaver, who raced not only at Pleasantville but many other tracks in the Tri-State area on both dirt and asphalt. The following was written by Wayne and we're happy to present it as written. 



Sometime back in April of 2012, Charlie Lindmar and I were talking about racing and life in general, when I told Charlie I had an idea about some drawings that I’d like to see him do if at all possible. The original idea was going to be 3 different drawings of cars that ran at the track, cars from the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s. We talked and planned out what he could do and because of some technical snafus, time constraints and other limitations; he decided to combine the 50’s& 60’s together in 1 drawing. Then I sent him photos and color schemes for all the cars, plus photos of the A.E. Stone plant, the people on the sand piles and the water tower, and then Charlie went to work. What makes this drawing so unique is that Charlie had never been to Pleasantville and only had the photos and descriptions that I gave to him as guidelines to go by. Charlie spent countless hours creating this scene and now that it’s finished all I have to say is “Charlie, you are the man”! You are one talented and generous individual.
    This drawing pretty much shows how the track looked between the 1st & 2nd turn with the A.E. Stone plant and scenery in the background. The cars colors are as close as he could get to what they were back in the day. The sizes of the prints are 14 1/4" x 11".
   Here’s a suggestion for those of you race fans whether you were P’ville fans or fans from another track, this would be a great gift for whatever occasion, birthdays, Christmas etc.
    For details on how to purchase this or any other drawing by Charlie, he can be reached at 305-304- 7242

Thanks, raycer27

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