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Early, Vintage Photos of Harry Fleming

By Raycer 27

        Most all of us watched and enjoyed the American Pickers TV show, starring Harry Fleming. Usually Harry is not very comfortable around cameras, or so he says he's not. I remember the first time I came to the Pumpkin Run and I hadn't seen Harry in over 35 years and I started snapping a bunch of candid shots of him, when he told me if I didn't stop taking pictures he was going to do bad things to my camera, joking of course......I think.

Harry handled the TV show like he'd done 100 episodes and I hope that Mike and Frank will make a return visit the next time they're in Jersey. Right now, we are going to show you a couple of photos of Harry in his younger days, thanks to Tom Flanagan, who was kind enough to share these rare photos with us. We're even displaying the notes and signatures which were written of the back of the pictures, enjoy folks. 

                                                                        John and Harry Fleming


Harry and one of his sisters



















































































































































































































































































































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