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The 19th Annual Pumpkin Run

11/2/14 Do we have news for you!

    If you are one of those who thought you missed the Pumpkin Run this year, guess what.....You get a second chance. 

     Ray Miles called from Harry's and reported that the event was postponed due to inclement weather. You still have a chance, this coming weekend...Saturday the 8th, to attend the best car related show on the East Coast. Drop everything and make arrangements to attend. Don't miss it for the second time this year. Hope we'll see you there. 

     Hey everyone, it’s getting close to the 19th Annual Pumpkin Run. It is always held on the 1st Saturday in November, the date for this year is November 1st, with the rain date the following Saturday, November the 8th.

       In addition to the usual sites and attractions, there’s a new "Wild West Scene" that can be seen in the vicinity of the diner.

      There’s a real good possibility that Ray Evernham will be coming up with about 3 cars, an Indy car, Jeff Gordon’s car, that he won his 1st ever championship in NASCAR racing and another car which at this time has yet to be revealed.

      Rumor has it that "Wild Bill Greco"; former northeast modified driver will make the trip with his restored race car.

      Ralph Broschard says that they’ve added even more parking than they had last year and we just hope that they get good weather like they had last season.

     For those of you looking for additional info on the Run, you can contact them at these numbers:

HARRY @ (609) 927-9541
BARBARA @ (609) 381-7686

FAX # 609 926-2079


      Below, we’ve added some memorable photos dating back from 2010, to 2014, to give those of you who have never been to this show a taste of what you’ll see. There’s so much to see and do, plenty of good quality food is available, so come on out and spend the day at one of the greatest car shows in the area!

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