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                                                  The 2014 Pumpkin Run

       After the previous week rainout, the 19th Annual Pumpkin Run kicked off this past Saturday in perfect form. A little on the chilly side in the morning, but it warmed up later on to make it near perfect weather for the event. 

          The turnout for the PR was even greater than last year in all categories. The volunteer PR staff was again very helpful as they always are, which made the event run even smoother yet. The most noticeable improvements made this year were more available parking and more bathroom facilities. 

         It's difficult for us to determine the exact number of street rods and restored classic cars, but there were quite a few. In the stock car category there were a lot of new cars on display, due in part because the South Jersey Stock Car Reunion has now joined up as part of the PRun, which is, in our opinion, quite an asset in helping to preserve the memories of the history of stock car racing from the early years, and so we say "Thanks to all of you people who take the time to bring your cars to this great event each year. You're greatly appreciated"!

         Below you will see some of the pix of the PRun, especially for those of you who weren't able to attend. Some of the pix are from the previous week, taken before the rainout call on Saturday. We will do this article in two parts, with the continuation of this part coming next week. Take time to enjoy and read the captions below many of the pix. Thanks.




Ralph Broschard and  Ray Bartling just goofing around



Rick Broschard, Joe Carr and Ralph Broschard....the rained out weekend


Russ Dodge and a friend talking about the good old days


The next Fleming's project, restoring this old Hudson


Part of th old boneyard 

Old Gulf pump


Barbara Capazzoli's TQ


Bob Malzahn's last race car


Tom Skinner's 659


This was a popular truck this year


A few of the Bikes that were there 


Some of the crowd 

Suzi Miles and Ray Bartling checking out the museum


Bill Force's restored #26

Bill Boundar's homemade wooden racers 

A closer look.......


An early Wood's Brother's car


A family of open wheel racers


Always a popular car at the Pumpkin Run


Ann Ransom's restored car


An Early sprinter


David Kramer


Former dirt driver Kenny Edsell taking a break 


Former female driver, Myrtle Falkinburg and her son John


Chuck Williams




Doc Morrow


Bill Boundar and Gil Hearne


Bobby Braxton


Dick Tobias 


Al Michalchuck


It was great to talk with Al Michalchuck


Ken Brenn and Al Michalchuck


Ken Brenn with Joe McFarlan


Al and Joe


Frank Drogan's 3X


Nice touch on the engine 


We will continue with the second half of the show next week. Be sure to return, Thanks


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