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                                              The 2014 Pumpkin Run

       OK, as promised, today we will complete the 2014 Pumpkin Run image collection. If you missed the first edition of this year's PR,  images can still be viewed in the Older Feature Page link off to your left, along with any of our previous Features you may have missed or would just like to review. Hope you enjoy the display.



Jeremy Doerr


Jeff Gordon's Championship car


Jim English


Jim English


Dave Thomas' RC Racetrack Setup


Very neat!


Joe, getting ready for the drawing


Howard Stern's street legal stock car


Howard at his car


Onlookers watch Paul Lauriello run his mini gas powered motors


As you can see, Paul really draws a crowd  


Early Wood's Brothers car


Rick Broschard


Howard Stern


Eddie Castro, Sam Clerico and Ray Shea


Folks hanging around the old Diner


Bill Force and Jim English's TQ's


Joe Merlino


The rear end of Joe's 104


Joe Merlino taking a break


Gary Langenstein, looking for his dad


Gilmore Foyt car


Ron Reeves, Bill Boundar and Larry Voss in the new museum


Harry chats with Joe McFarlan from 3Wide


Ray Liss


Ray Liss


Harry talking with some friends


Time for a snack


A late arrival


Tink and his brother, former driver Larry Parker


Pete Frazee


Ralph Broschard


John Falciano, his family had the 3 star garage


Marty Van Druten


Larry Winchell and his bride catch up in the museum


John Lyons, Tony Siscone, Gil Hearn, Ray Shea and  John Fitzgerald 


Tony Siscone


Ray Bartling and Skip Portale


Tony and his buddy John Lyons laugh it up


Terry Van


Mike Grbac


Ralph Broschard


Pop Langenstein and son Gary


Rita Bourguignon


Don Carty and a friend check out the new Museum


Former Driver Bill Boundair


Former driver John Hayes and his daughter Erin


Former driver John Fitzgerald


Rich Nichols and his son enjoying the day


Rich Nichols and his son talking with Ray Miles in the Museum



The new Wild West exhibit

This is the reverse position of how they ran at Beltsville many years ago


The day is coming to an end 


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