Well, we got the garage opened back up, finished converting Ray's 27 for it's new owner and since there's lotsa time to kill, 

we figured we'd look for a project car to do a complete build from the ground up. We settled on a 37 Ford sedan we found 

and started to take it apart in the yard. That front clip should get us a good buck to start work with!

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 For a good laugh..

Our first ground up build in the new garage

INSIDE KW's new garage

If P'ville had only run modifieds!












































































































































We got the rest of the body stripped and off of the frame, all sanded and primered and ready for final prep and paint. 

We have it in our Photoshop Paint Booth now. Work always goes quick in there. 



See, just a couple of days and the finish coat is on the body and the hood.  



While the Photoshop Painting was going on, we finished the basic frame and drive train and dropped in that

brand spankin' new Ford SOHC 427 engine.  


Well, we've been promising to show that new design Kentucky body lifting device so here it is....dropping the body on the frame.



 You just wouldn't believe what that lifting device cost!  No leg, but it DID cost an arm......but here's the body on the chassis and a little lettering done. We need to put in the roll cage and stuff. When the pictures are developed we'll show the finished product.



We finally got the car done, moved it out and put it on our car carrier (the horses didn't like it much, but I cut down my big horse trailer to make the hauler. ) The number 162B was the first number the AMA issued me when I got my Pro license for motorcycle racing, thought I might as well use it again.  Boy, we got the car done just in time...the crew is here to chop open the shop and add another door.  Yeah, that's why the dead link on the website....something about seeing the inside of the garage. I was a little ahead of myself since the work wasn't even done.  Be sure to browse around, there's always activity at the old garage. 


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