After completing the first build, it became apparent that we were lacking a good amount of space. We decided to add another front 

overhead door and quite a bit of interior space for all the things necessary to keep going. There's still more to build, but we'd like 

to invite you in for a visit. Stay as long as you like and come back for improvements.

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 For a good laugh...

Our first ground up build in the new garage

INSIDE KW's new garage

If P'ville had only run modifieds!































































































































































As you enter the shop, you can see that we already have a bunch of stuff going in and out. 



There's also a lot of storage space for those which are just waiting for attention. 



We put in a new paint and prep shop, shouldn't outgrow this one for a long time. 



We spared no expense when equipping the various different areas of the shop. Of course, if you followed the build, you've seen this room inside already.



We're adding additional storage for all the other engines we've collected and we'll show them off soon. For now, this is the Ford engine area. 



Our dyno room will be kept busy when we're in full swing. 



Of course, when we complete a car we need a place to show it and take pictures....this room will serve that purpose well. 

We still have additional engine rooms, the office and computer space, the parts room and others yet to be determined which will be shown here as they are finished. Looks like we may need even MORE space. Oh well, it's free, what the heck. 


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