Here's how we created the new picture for the first page of the LSRacers website:

First we drew up an idea on a napkin (doesn't everybody do that)?

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LSRacers intro page creation 

 For a good laugh..

Our first ground up build in the new garage

INSIDE KW's new garage

If P'ville had only run modifieds!













































































































































Then we found the best picture we could to use as a background. 


 The next step was to get rid of everything in the picture that we didn't want and we stretched it to the right size


Next, we started lining up cars on the track...I know, Tom has a flat, we'll just hide that!


Then we just kept adding cars.......


and adding cars....... 


and adding more cars, until the picture was complete.


When we were completely satisfied, somebody came along and asked why Ray was up front, we didn't have a good answer, so we just shook up the whole mess so we could reposition them all.


 Well, Parker's car refused to move (it always DID stick to the track better than most) so we turned the picture upside down..........


We lost a couple of cars in the big shakeup, but we found a couple of others to replace them. We think y'all will like 'em.



 Of course, nothing is ever really completed....I decided next to clean up the track and trim the weeds. (something that was unheard of in the 70's) It turned in to a big complete overhaul of the picture, including many of the cars. When I'm all done, I'll show y'all how it came out.



Well, here it is. I hope everybody approves, 'cause I'm NOT going to do this again. It'll be on the main website as soon as we can.



2012 LSRacers 

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