We thought it would be nice if we could spend a little time thinking about what if..........

Here we're going to show our best ideas of what it would have been like if P'ville had run a regular modified schedule. We've taken some of either the top running cars or our favorites and re-built them as modifieds.  We'll add to this list whenever we can but as with the real thing, the planning and building of each one takes quite a bit of time. If you have a favorite you'd like to see, make a comment on our forum page or guest book. We would need a good picture or at least knowledge of just what the original car looked like. 

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 For a good laugh...

Our first ground up build in the new garage

INSIDE KW's new garage

If P'ville had only run modifieds!

































































































































































































I often wondered what Tony's car would have looked like if it were lowered and had the top chopped a bit....could be tough to get in or out! 


I could never figure out just what Sal's 3 coupe was built from and we didn't have any really good pics to re-creat so I just started from scratch with a whole new body, I don't think he'd mind that. 


On the other hand, we knew what Ray's car had been, but the Mexican fella (see the "What happpened to Ray's 27 " link) has the original so we started  once again from scratch, with a new body. I had a lot of fun with this one.  


This is a pretty good replica of the car we got from George Tobolski in the mid 70's and ran at P'ville and other local tracks. The only picture I have of the original is a really bad Polaroid....I spent most of my time working on it or driving it and never stopped to take pictures.  Of course, to run the big engine there was a lot to do to it anyway. 


We tried several body and chassis combinations before deciding to just start from the beginning, once again, and take apart some poor guy's really nice street rod. Its a good thing we have a barn full of wheels and tires and a lot of tubing. The tubing comes with a paint brush and an airbrush, thanks to Photoshop. Boy, if only we could have built them like this back in the day!

This was another tough one. All the pictures I had available were of poor quality. We couldn't find an appropriate donor body even though we searched the web for days, so I just started from scratch and stole some poor guy's really sharp looking restoration. As with all the others, I worked from the old pics and built something that resembles the original and stuffed a big injected motor in it.

 Tiny Milano's car always looked so good, with the striping and outlines, but re-producing the look was tough. We got it as good as we could,  hope Tiny likes it if he gets to see it. It makes a mean looking modified too.


Gary's car is another one we had no good color shots of, but we're getting used to that. It gets easier with each one. The street rod community would probably be upset with us by now if they saw all the rods we've cut up for these great looking race cars.



I watched this one being built and had a pretty good idea of how it's supposed to look. A good black and white picture collection helped to jog the memory some too. Wow....that's two new ones posted today. We'll run out of cars if we don't watch out. 

And now for another creation...On my short list of top P'ville drivers, I believe Bob Little should have built and run THIS modified.


 The first creation of the new year, 2013, Ray asked me a while back to build him a Ford slant back for the new season, well, it's done in plenty of time for testing and I really believe it's as nice as the coupe, maybe even a little bit better.




More to come,  so check back again....

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